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Carpet cleaning

Due to their nature carpets are exposed to dirt every day than any other part in the house. Leaving accumulated dirt on them can cause serious challenges ranging from small illness to very life threatening illnesses. For instance if you have young kids who crawl it is unhygienic to let such infants crawl on dirty carpets. This is due to the simple reason that dust from dirty carpets can fly to their respiratory system and hinder their breathing, cause flu among other factors. Considering that children always test with their mouths anything that they come across then this will not be different by leaving them on a dirty carpet. Putting dirty particles in their mouth will also cause stomach problems. Leaving the effects on kids your health will also remain at risk because flying dust will not only make your room and other hanging stuffs dirty but also tamper with air circulation.

Procedure we use to clean your carpet.

Before we start the cleaning process we have to inspect your carpet to for the presence of hard stains and prepare for the most appropriate method to clean them. We will also check for any tone parts and mend them before starting the whole exercise. After this we will carefully take outside all the furniture in the room to give enough working space and then vacuum the carpet surface to remove spots. This process ensures that we remove all insoluble dirt. The next step will be to deal with fixed soil particles using a carpet groomer. However if they are fixed we drive it away by the help of a rotany machine. Then we will have to neutralize your carpet to maintain its PH as this is also recommended by most companies that manufacture carpets. After doing all this, your carpet should be almost clean but remaining with two last steps. We will groom it to give it a shiny look and   finally dry it using high velocity machines and inspect the whole exercise with you to ensure you totally get satisfied.


The benefits of having your carpets worked by professional cleaners will include:

  • Increasing the life span of your carpet.
  • Relieving you from germs and bacteria that cause illness to you and your children.
  • Giving you a clean environment whether it is in your home or office.
  • We give you free advice on how you will improve the life span of your carpet such that you can save your money.